Sunday, January 20, 2013

My little Friends. Now a bit looser style.

Friends 2: 29 x 39 cm. Arches rough
Palett and tecnique: See Work in progress.

I changed the skycolour from Cerouline blue to Paynes Gray on this
last one, because I wanted the background colour floating in on 
the left birds shadow spots, making its apparence softer.
I have also made the beaks softer, and the background with its salt.
Ok. I need critiques from all you guys out there! Could I have made
it softer anywere else? How?

The first small painting of the two Friends.

And last: please have a check at my newest link: styles of ART  
down to the right. Here you can read about the different
art styles. I myself have found it very difficult to separate
the different styles of art. I found this page yesterday, and
I wanted to save it and chare it with you my fellow art friends. 


  1. Hi Catharina. Your Style of Art new site exactly pin points why I don't like critique. I could sit here and say how you can achieve more looseness with this but is that really what you want? How can I know how far you want to go and in which direction? Sometimes we just need to find out ourselves through studying techniques and lots of practice, and then bring that knowledge into our paintings. I really do think this is beautiful. Your tones are fabulous and your colours are fresh and crisp. Enjoy your painting.

    1. Actually Laura. Sometimes I do want to have hints of tecnique I can practise on. And that site called style of art is for me anyway (I haven´t looked at everything there yet) is an explanation of what the different kind of arts are called. I have friends that are taking courses on the internet, and they have to try different styles that have been popular during different times. Cubistic art and so on. I have never ever known what is speciffic about the different kinds of art. Therefor I find it interresting to find out. But; offcourse, I would not like to use this knowledge as a means of using it in my own paintings. I think I´m going to look deeper into this style of art site. You made me a bit curious about what´s behind the first page.

      Thank you for the comment Laura! Take care! :)

  2. Me gusta mas, este tiene mas luminosidad que el anterior. Mejora lograda!. (Yo soy incapaz de criticar un trabajo :) , me gusta o no me gusta..) Felicidades!

  3. Hi Catharina, I like this new version. Perhaps is not too much looseness, but nevertheless is absolutely nice. If I can give you a suggestions to have a more looseness painting, try to use a larger brush and more water and do not worry if the the colors blends a little bit in some areas. A hug!

  4. Dear Catharina, I like more the second version with the darker background as this makes the birds pop. Stronger values always make the image more dimensional. Also the salt texture in the background creates an interesting effect.
    I think you are right that this subject is not the best for trying a looser style, as it requires some precision of the shapes and colors. I find that landscapes are the most forgiving.

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