Friday, December 28, 2018

My own studio :) And a Happy New Year to you all!

I have my own studio now. My daughter moved to her own apartment with her boyfriend some time back, and I have bought tables for my new room. I,m going to move some old furniture still to other places, but I can start using the studio if I need to do so.All my colours and stuff are place there and it feels great not to fill up my kitchen table with everything. I don´t need to have a mess in the kitchen.
I will show you photos of the studio soon.
These three paintings is my last creations:
 Bridge in Italy

 Red cottage


I´m so happy for your visit and I LOVE reading your comments!
Wellcome back!


  1. Yay! A room to paint in is wonderful!

  2. Very nice watercolors, Catharina! I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of your studio! Happy New Year!

  3. I love these landscapes--each has a very distinct feeling.
    Congrats on your studio. Happy painting!

  4. Love your new landscapes, Catharina! Good to see you back! Looking forward to see your studio!

  5. How nice that you have your own studio now. I'm sure you'll like that..
    Haven't been here for a while, but still love your watercolors..


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