Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Prins Rufus

 We are actually thinking about getting a cat. Reading a lot to learn more about them. We have found a kind of cat that even a lot of cat allergics can have. Siberian cats. They are very beautyful and have good mood. We are checking that out now, going to see some different cats to see how our odds are. 
This is not that kind of cat.
 But Prince Rufus LOVES being cuddled.   :)  My friend found him outside and rescued him. He´s   her fourth cat. He is adorable.

I´m so happy for your visit and I LOVE reading your comments! 
Wellcome back!


  1. What a lovely painting, Catharina. I've never had a cat but they seem to make great pets.

    1. I love cats, but we are still thinking! Thanj you for droping by John :)

  2. He really looks adorable, you caught such a sweet expression :-)

  3. Prince Rufus is very handsome.

  4. Very wonderful painting !!!

  5. Your current "obsession" with cats shows your skills in watercoloring. Your landscapes and seascapes and flowers visualize light and shadow and hues in ways that touch my mind and emotion. And so do your cats. And then the beginning of a cat story suggests a certain gaze - yours - when viewing your cats. That's why I want to say, thank you!


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