Sunday, March 27, 2016

New catpainting on the way

Enjoying painting cats! Using another paper for this piece. Arches.
For the other catpainting I used Daler Rowneys Aquafine. A bit different.
Lets see how this piece will look like.
The other cat is spoken for allready. :)
Oh , and I got some extra space at the exhibition, so I am showing
five extra paintings  :)

Referencephoto below.
Copy right Kim Carlsson.

Referencephoto below.
Copy rights Kim Carlsson.
Isn´t she a sweatheart !

I´m so happy for your visit and I LOVE reading your comments! 
Wellcome back!


  1. I adore cats and your paintings are a delight to see.

  2. Love cat nr.2 already! Good luck with the exhibition!

  3. Hi, Catharina, you successfully captured the eyes of cats. Very impressive and beautiful. Also, the work conveys the mood of cats well. Congrats! Cheers, Sadami

  4. Very beautiful paintings !!!

  5. Mw gusta el resultado de esta bellas acuarelas, y mis tres gatos están muy felices de ver a sus congéneres inmortalizados.. :-). Felicidades!!


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