Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My dear blogfriend Antonia del Olmo granted me with this award at the same time as I started my long blogbreak, and inspite of that I was very happy to recieve it; I did not have time to do anything about it. And I had completely lost my inspiration and willpower about blogging and painting due to all the family issues and my sadness. So sorry Antonia! But I hope and believe that you understand why.
Anyway; I was happy to recieve this award. It was a very nice surprise Antonia! Thank you my dear friend!  :) I have never met you in real life but still you have inspired me alot. Thank you for all the interrest you have shown me and my work! And thank you for sharing all your beautyful paintings that inspire me and my own painting process. I have a lot to learn from you Antonia!
With this award I have to tell you a little about myself too:
1. I have allways loved to draw things -in school I drew in my schoolbooks, and offcourse my
   teachers didn´t like it. Oops!

2. I moved to my own place when I was 17 when I attended a hairdresser-school, a hundred swedish
    miles from my parents.
3. I ALLWAYS used to draw when I was a kid, everywhere there was something to draw on. I started
    to paint with oils when I was around 25, but not for long as it took far too long time to dry
    and I didn´t like the smell. Then I tried acrylics instead. And shortly after I fell in love with
    watercolor and have stayed with that over the years.
4. Since 2006 I work as a leasuretimepedagog in Sölvesborg in Sweden. Earlier I worked as a
5. I have 3 children, the daughters 14 (soon 15) and 16 and the son 24. The middle one is living with
    me every other week.
6. Things I enjoy: watercolor (offcourse) visit the cinema, horses, canoeing/kayaking and outdoor living. I find that nature is very soothing to me.
7. I have two guitars and a piano in my home, but do not know much about playing. Would like to
    learn more, maybe when I retire from work and have more spare time.
The rule for this award is as following:
It is the decision of each person to continue or stop the game.
You say a few words about the person who sent you the award and a little about yourself.
You send this award to 10 bloggs. On your blog you write down the addres to the other bloggs and a little something about each of these blogging friends.
Write a comment to each of the bloggs with a link back to the award on your own blogg.

 AND. Now to the difficult part of the award. To choose TEN (!) out of ALL of you dear bloggfriends! Seems as an impossible task as I feel I have so many inspiring and careing friends on the internet. But I HAVE to pick only 10... (but important is that I DON´T think less of you other guys!)

1. http://dedraadaquarellen.blogspot.se Judy inspires me with her beautyful light and soft paintings.
    One of the first I met in blogland!
2.  http://www.traceyfletcherking.com/ Because Trace allways makes me smile when reading her
     posts :)  A great inspiration both in positivity and art.
3. http://hannekebronwasser.blogspot.se/   Hanneke is one of my first blogfriends, and she has
     showed alot of interrest in my artwork and allways inspired me with coments and with beautyful
4.) http://jwjarts.blogspot.se/  For Johns kindness and his modesty. A true inspiration both as an artist
     and as a person.
5.) http://www.irinapaints.com/ Irina. Also one of my first blogfriends. For giving me inspiration to
     try new things by being such a versatile artist.
6.) http://jane-truecolors.blogspot.se  My countryneighbour Jane  :) living in Italy, and an inspiration
     of portraits  and other mediums. Who know, she might be the one that makes me try oils again
     once I have my studio and more space! 
7.) http://bluoltremare.blogspot.se  Tito has inspired me with his landscapepaintings, and is one
      reasons why I have tried landscapepaintings myself.
8.) http://lorrainebrownwatercolours.blogspot.se Lorraine. Allways taking her time to visit and
     leaving an inspiring comment.
9.) http://sadamisgraffiti.blogspot.se  Sadami. For her visits and comments to inspire to have fun
     when painting.
10.) http://pollyswatercolours.blogspot.se Polly for being such a wonderful spirit, spreading joy on
      the internet.


  1. Thank you Catharina! I appreciate your kindness! I'll have to think about passing it on. Love to read the seven things about you.

    1. You decide for yourself IF you want to, or have the time to pass it on Judy. :) It´s good either way. See you around!

  2. I enjoy learning more about you Catharina. I am a big lover of nature myself.

    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed to read some about me Celia :)

  3. Thank you Catharina! You made me smile and I am so honored.
    I will try to keep the game of the award as soon as I return to blogging when my busy schedule is calmed down.
    Such pleasure to read about you. Good luck with oils. I love the smell!

    1. No need to hurry Irina. Take your time :)

  4. Dear Catharina. Thank you very much I am really flattered ....not sure though if I will pass this award on . Enjoyed reading about you, and DO take up oil again , which doesn't mean you have to give up watercolors of course. I always work on many oils at the same time , because if you wait for only one work to dry you will hardly ever paint.

    1. You´re wellcome Jane :) And as I wrote; it is up to every person I pass the award to, to decide IF to pass it on futher. When I have my own studio again in the bigger bedroom, I will try waterbased oils. And I will study drypastels more too. I have some in the drawers but no space to harbour them pastelworks. So it will have to wait.

  5. This was such a lovely surprise and it totally made my day... I am going to be smiling and feeling very full of myself all day... Plus I now have some amazing new blogs to visit. It was fab to learn more about you other than your amazing talent, and you know I am a fan of the way you use watercolour... Hope that your day is as special as you have made mine... Xx

    1. So happy to brighten your day Trace, you allways brighten mine!

  6. What a lovely surprise to be included Catharina. I think we as bloggers really do appreciate personal comments and feedback as it tells us we are not just talking to ourselves. I will think about carry this on but am about to head overseas and will be off the air for a while

    1. Take your time Lorraine :) It took about a year for me before I passed it on haha. Hug.

  7. Well that made me smile this early in the morning Catharina! And thank you for the honour. It is interesting to learn more about you rather than mostly about your paintings, which are lovely. I will think hard and long about who I pass this award on to (many you have chosen already). May your blog continue and your joy of painting too. And, do try and make music then you can play with one hand and paint with the other ha ha

    1. ;) In the meentime my daughter plays really nice for me :)

  8. What a wonderful surprise Catharina. It always delights me when I can visit your blog, and even more so when you visit mine, and now I look at the list of blogs you follow in your sidebar and out of all those fabulous and talented artists, I can't believe I'm one of your chosen ten. Thank you very much. ;-)

  9. Well John; You are one of them talented artists :) You´re wellcome.

  10. Wow, Catharina, really a big surprise! I did research on how to do it and I've been working on 10 bloggers right now and a post. Thank you so much!! Cheers, Sadami

    1. Oh you were a quick one Sadami! :) Read it, enjoyed it!

  11. Catharina, I am very honoured that you choose me for the award. I will have to think about who to pass the award. You will see that later, thanks again.

  12. Catharina heartfelt thanks for the beautiful words of your blog, I feel very flattered. I hope all your problems are solved and this award helps you keep painting. In the distance we share a hobby and share our thoughts, I hope to see us sometime. Receive a big hug friend.


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