Thursday, April 16, 2015

Almost like christmas :)

OH! I forgot to show you the referencephoto at PMP! So; here they are: my painting from my earlier post AND the referencephoto. I turned the view the other way. The link to PMP is at the end of this post if you would like to have a look!

AND my delivery a couple of days ago  :) Expensive! 
I have never used white goache before, but now I will try. My white postermanpen dried-up and I thought this might last longer before getting dry. Plus easier to apply.
Some special brushes that could have been useful when  I painted the last paintings with waterscenes. Not easy to lift thin white waterreflection-lines with too thick brushes! Maybe this will fix the problem!? And maybe I can make some beautyful drybrush sunlit watersurface too.  :) But It will probably need some practise first.

My french watercolorbrush is good I think, It holds A LOT of water and color in it, but I needed a smaller one, cause I think my Kolinskis doesn´t hold the sharp shapes anylonger. And I also needed a bigger flatbrush with good quality.
And some large-pans of Winsor Artist watercolor:
Antwerp blue, Raw sienna, Burnt sienna, Raw umber, Burnt umber.
The blue underneath is paper for drawing. Thinking of making a childs portrait for a relative of mine.

Actually, I should go on using my new brushes on a lovely waterscene, don´t you think so?  BUT this is on my workingtable at the moment. I am working on the drawing right now.
This photo is from PMP too.
Isn´t he gorgeous!!

I´m so happy for your visit and I LOVE reading your comments! 
Wellcome back!


  1. Oh, what wonderful new toys to play with! You are going to have so much fun! :)

  2. Love your new watercolors. I tend to buy the tubes and then I feel I am wasting the paint because I throw some of it away. I will try the watercolors you are using. That cheetah is wonderful I can't wait to see if you paint him. Happy PPF

    1. Thank you for your visit and your kind comment.

  3. Love seeing your new stuff. Enjoy!

  4. Always wonderful to get new tools, you get so inspired ! Wish you a happy and creative weekend.

    1. Wishing you a great sunday Jane :) Thank you!

  5. PMP is such a great site for reference pictures and encouragement/critique. That leopard is beautiful... can't wait to see your rendition!


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