Friday, March 20, 2015

Questions still...

I hope that all of you will have a nice weekend!

Have you seen the series of Merlin? I am watching the series with my daughter, every evening if it is possible. In the beginning I sometimes thought it was a bit too much magic. But now I have started to like it. And that prins Arthur sure is cute isn´t he!?  ;)

Well...Back to the painting:
Questions I still ask myself is:
Should I paint the sun in a very light yellow ? (But actually I like not to have too many colors, but maybe it looks peculiar now?)
I overdid the reflections from the mountains didn´t I? (Typical me to not stop in time!)
Should I paint the water a bit more blue here and there?
I think that it would be better if I did the horizonline thinner as it is showing too much? (It became this thick due too putting maskingmedium there too along with the sun spot. But it should be easy to fix again.)

I did lift some of the bright purple color, and the blue glaze made it look a bit softer also.That´s good I think.

I used maskin medium to cover up the sun and the white reflections. 
Plus a little sandpapering in the front.

My way of playing it a bit safe this time.

These are the blues I have as primaries. I used the French Ultramarin for the
 final glaze. That´s the same blue I have in the purple mixture too.

I´m so happy for your visit and I LOVE reading your comments! 
Wellcome back!


  1. This is wonderful! You are right to hesitate over adding to many other colours. I think the ones you have used work beautifully.

  2. I too enjoyed watching Merlin, not been on our to for sometime now. I think limited colours are best in my opinion. If you want you could add colour here and there to the White horizon line just so it is not a continuous line across

  3. I agree with Lorraine: I think you should leave the sun white, and not add yellow to your limited palette. The white horizon line, maybe you could break it up a little, thinner here and there. I love the painting, Catherina, I love the softening of the mountains and adding the blue. A great idea!

  4. Happy weekend to you Catharina and thank you for the nice and very interesting post !!!


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