Sunday, February 08, 2015

A nice artistic chat today with my friend.

 My friend (we worked together for one year at my old plays)
 starting to paint her "Stilleben" (onions and garlic)
after carefully drawing the outlines.
She loved my Arches fine 185 gr. paper.

Please visite my friends  >>> artblogg.

 My own painting so far. I hurried up the drying, NOT good.
Lets see how it will end! Maybe in the bin. But I don´t care.
Anyway we had a great time painting together. 
And talking (we had to catch up from when we last saw eachother)
and eating pie and drinking coffeé.

Above is the second stage of my painting. Using no maskingmedium
on this painting so far. Don´t think I will. Hope not to cover the whites
in the process! My white Posterman-pen is dry since I used it last! Have to
order for a new one. (That pen is my savior sometimes!)

It feels as if  I have forgotten so much about painting! It´s been so long!

Love Peace and Happiness 


  1. Thank You for a very nice day! It was wonderfull to paint with you! I`ve learned a lot of things about water colour of You! And thank you for the good pie and coffeé! Love Xxxxx

    1. Thank YOU Golnaz :) Let´s do that again!

  2. Great still life Catharina, with beautiful washes. It looks like a lovely afternoon spent painting with a friend!

  3. This is looking really good so far !


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