Sunday, July 13, 2014

adventures yesterday

Hi everybody! Hope you all feel just fine.
Yesterday I was out for aventure together with my son. The leader of our little trip took some photos.  I wanted to show you what we did. Have you been doing the same as us?

What did you think about it? Do you know how to overcome the fear of being left hanging under the canoe? Is it possible to overcome that fear? I love being on the water. The calmnes. Being right in the nature. The closest you can be. In the middle of the element. But ofcourse in the same time I have great respect for it, and know that I must be able to deal with it if an accident happens. Yester was the first time for me to try this with this kind of canoe. It all went well luckely. After the trip and before leaving the canoe the tour leader asked if I wanted to fall in the water and practise to get up again ( a MUST if you don´t want to die when you are out there in the water).

This is really a dream for me, to be able to use this kind of canoe, as I love being in the nature. So I KNEW I had to do it. I was there to learn, and I couldn´t learn without doing it. I had to face it! But I was terrifyed of being left hanging under the canoe in the water unable to breath. The leader told me to loosen the blue fabric from the canoe to make it easier for me. This way I wouldn´t risk to hang stucked underneith the canoe not able to find my way under the water to loosen it under the surface. After that I had to check the water for stones under the surface, with my paddle, AND make the canoe turn upside down before the canoe drifted away from the checked area.

I had to struggle to swim with ONE foot only when I got in the water as my foot was hurting badly after my injury two weeks ago. It doesn´t hurt when walking only, but apperantly while swimming and when the water press town on the top of my foot.

I did get up in the canoe again, but with a little help with things that I would like to be able to to on my own. I understand that it would be a bit terrifying for other people to do the rescue of me sitting in their own canoe in the water. But it would be a must to save a friend from drowning, but it must be done in a safe way, and not in a way that makes another person to also fall down in the water.

And I tell you; it wasn´t easy to get up on the canoe. Wet clothes and week, tired  muscels. And the shock of falling in the water. I understand that it must be important to paus from paddling and to eat and drink to keep staying strong in case of an accident.

And one thing I also though about when having my son paddling behind me, not seing him, as I couldn´t turn around in the canoe to have a look. I would like to paddle in the way that I can see the other persons. If an accident happen, it will happen fast. What happens if a beginner rolls and the others doesn´t notice quick enough?

That´s me in the photo.


  1. Great summer adventure and very beautiful picture !!!
    Have a nice week Catharina !!!

  2. Great to hear from you again, Catharina! Are you settling in allright? This adventure with your son sounds great!

  3. How lovely to go canoeing with your son, and what an adventure. You were very, very brave. Great picture of you on the water.

  4. There is no way you would get me in that thing LOL! Good to see you having happy times and good to hear from you again. Hope the move went well.

  5. What a great adventure and how very brave of you to do this. Some months ago I was walking beside a river in the middle of the countryside and a man in a canoe came silently drifting past. It looked such a peaceful way to enjoy nature. Well done you!!!

  6. Great! I hope that one day I could also as happy as you.

  7. A lovely photo of you! What a great adventure for you and your son!

  8. You are very brave, overcoming a lot of fears! You look like a professional on the photo :-)

  9. Glad to see you are back in blogland. How is your summer? How is your family? How is your art?


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