Monday, December 02, 2013

Oh I don´t know...

A couple of years ago I posted some photos from a camping trip that me and my girls did to "Alltidhult" situated a few miles from our hometown Sölvesborg. When we were there in Alltidhult; we where sleeping in a wind-shed and cooking our food in the open over a fire using a "Muurikka" (a big fryingpan made for cooking outside in nature) and wood. I took some great photos with a lot of water -and light reflections. Such a beautyful nature out there, I really recomend it if you love spending time outdoors as I do! I started friday night with this last painting from one of the reference photos. You are wellcome to use this photo as reference if you like. This photo and some more from the same place is posted in "paint my photo" (PMP). You can also see them in an earlier post HERE.

I started to paint from this reference photo on a piece of Arches 185 gr. at first. It started beautyfully, but somehow along the way I think I ruined it, and got mad and just painted some quick strokes of colours at the bottom of the painting and ruined it even more. But at that time I actually didn´t care. It fellt as I got even with the paper by ruin it even more! Crazy!!

I am not that fond of this painting either. The difficult spot of this reference photo is the waterreflections at the bottom.The patterns in the water. Somehow I can´t make it the 
way that I would like to.  I want the feeling of the sun hitting the surface of the water alot. Because that was the feeling I got when we were there. That feeling doesn´t show enough by looking at the reference photo only.
If you have any ideas; I would like very much to hear about them!

 Daler Rowney 300 g. CP
Size: 40,5 x 30,5 cm

Palett: Winsor Lemon, Transparent yellow, Antwerp blue, Paynes Gray, Sepia and Burnt Umber. And I allmost forgot: A little Permanent Rose.

Lately I have used more pure colours when painting. I don´t mix them before hand. I am layering instead and letting them mix on the paper. Of course this is a lot of thinking before putting the first strokes of colour. But I am trying and hopefulle learning some more about the colours. 
Oh by the way! I changed my settings for the photos in Google+ as Judy told some of us. And I think the photo looks MUCH better now! Thank you Judy for this!

If you are interrested in buying the painting "Sailboats in a calm bay" follow

"Sailboats in a calm bay"

Love Peace and Happiness 


  1. It can be so frustrating when we have the completed painting in our head and it wont come out on the paper. Do not give up just wait and it will come to you.

  2. Un árbol muy bello, me gusta esta acuarela tan lograda. Enhorabuena! Un cordial saludo.

  3. Dear Catharina. I think that if you use a candle on the surface of the water you might get that shine / glitter from the sun that you want to achieve. The beginning of this painting is very promising, would be a pity to ruin it.

  4. I think the beginning of this painting is promising, Catharina! Looking at the reference photo maybe it needs spots of a deep yellow. And don't forget to leave whites.
    I am glad the change in settings worked for you too!

  5. Dear Catharina, I think that you are on the right way to make a beautiful work. Painting the water is one of the challenges for a watercolorist. Probably you already know the British painter Joe Francis Dowden, I think is a real master in painting the water as you like : Have a look to his site, and eventually if you do not already have one of his book, you can buy one. For me it was very useful. Hugs!

    1. Hola Cathy: Muy hermosa pintura. Mis felicitaciones!!! Abrazos!

  6. I think this painting is looking beautiful so far and enjoyed seeing your reference photos.I can see how you are inspired to recreate such a place. I would just throw myself in there and not be scared to ruin it, I think you will do great!

  7. thank you for your visit ! your work is beautiful !

  8. Dear Catharina, your painting is already beautiful with its soft pastel colors. Softness is its characteristic. If you want to have bright light though, you have to paint strong shadows. Maybe try just a small value sketch first to see how bold you can go with darks.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Thank you all for your comments! I am still working on this painting, and I THINK it is getting alot better. Will show it to you again if I don´t ruin it! :)


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