Friday, October 11, 2013

I am sitting here in my kitchen looking out at the dark. It´s not that late, it surprised
 me when I looked up and saw the dark outside. The autumn is here and the winter is slowly
coming closer and closer. And the summer just left! It seems as if the time
passes  faster and faster the older I get. Anyone else feeling the same?
On 29th. of september I turned 50! Can you believe that? I don´t. 
Where did the last 10 of my years go?

Hopefully I will live as long as my grandparents.
If so; I will have a good 40 years left! Can you imagine me riding around on a horse at 80? 
If I can get up and down again (and I mean not FALLING down) I sure will be doing just that!

* * * * *

Speaking of art now instead:

This is what I am doing at the moment. I am very close to throw 
the painting away as It feels it will be a dissaster. The Paynes Gray
 feels muddy and the leaves and flowers too accurate at the moment. 
The colours is not good. I don´t know what I am doing at the moment. 

The colourpalett I am preparing is not completed yet. I have to change 
the order of the colourmixes, as I have added new colours afterwards.
 I would like all the greens to be in the same place and so on. 
Easier to find the colourmaches that way. It´s a huge work to do this,
 it takes quite some time before it´s completed!

* * * * *

 Sometimes I like to put another blog or painting in the spotlight. 
This time it´s
a painting made of Blaga. I think it has such a nice warm feeling. Please have a look!

Love Peace and Happiness 


  1. Don't worry so much about getting the colours perfects and enjoy painting. And yes time does go faster as you get older so I try not to waste a moment! Your painting is look good though.

  2. hola Querida Cathy: No cuentan los años que uno tiene para hacer proyectos, lo principal es el día de hoy que hay que pasarlo lo mejor posible, disfrutanto la pintura, sin atarse a reglamentos y reglas. Tus trabajos son muy lindos y lo principal que enriquecen tu espíritu. Mucha suerte y sigue con entusiamo, yo tengo muchos más años que tu y sigo............... Un abrazo!!!

  3. Time flies, doesn't it. But it seems autumn is early this year for some reason. Maybe we are going to have a cold winter, I hope not. Your painting looks fine to me! And the colour charts you're doing looks great too!

  4. P.S. Blaga's paintings are beautiful, and I love the one you chose as well!

  5. You are doing just what we all do, being too hard on yourself. Colour charts are so boring but so handy

  6. Hi Catharine, I have been working on two paintings that I am just not happy with. Both went into the scrap pile yesterday. One I am starting over today. "We fail forward to success" I like to think that when this happens, we are on a growth cycle. Re-working your painting chart can be a great way to become inspired to try some new color combos or technique in your next painting.

  7. I so should have a color swatch like that...but laziness prohibits hehehe

  8. Thank you all for your lovely coments! I just LOVE reading them. Allways! Take care my fellow artists!

  9. Hey you young lady! I past 60 already but I still feel young. Your painting looks good to me and making these colour charts: I do that too and it helps a lot.

  10. oh are you past 60? Didn´t now! Here we are all alike, so don´t think abot age! :D
    And yes, this colour -charts are very useful.

    1. Last comment should be to Hanneke!!

  11. It was so funny to read your thoughts about your 50 birthday :) thank you for sharing them! I am 48 and will be 50 in 2015 so I am looking forward :)
    And I love your painting so much although you do not like it - well I always cut my paintings I do not like into little scraps and use them as tags for presents and greeting cards.

  12. Oh that was a good idea! I will try that! Thanks! And thank you for comming by my blog!


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