Wednesday, May 22, 2013

At the moment I am home for "sick-leave"  because of a "locked pelvis". I haven´t been able to come up from the sofa or the bed after laying down. A terrible pain, I don´t think you can imagine! My daughters have been forced to help me up while I have been screaming out in pain. I have been lucky to have my girls home, but today it was time for them to go to their dads. I have pain killers and other tablets beside me plus my mobile phone incase I need to phone for help!

I haven´t had much time here with my blog last couple of weeks. 
I am renting three (!) horses for me and my two girls this month, 
and that is taking allmost all of my free time. And if that isn´t enough; my youngest daughter changed her mind about her rental. So I have been riding both her AND my rental -horse a couple of times. I do NOT understand HOW it is possible to turn down on taking care of and ride your own rental -horse!? That does not excist in MY mind. I would never ever have done that when I was in there age! My other daughter has turned down riding twice this time, because she was SO tired (!) so I have had the oppertunity to ride three horses once. But I just thought that was A BIT to much for even me!

I have been looking at your  posts some, but haven´t had any time 
to comment much. Sorry! 

Click the link to see: The latest little baby horse from our stable.
And bellow are the three horses that we rent!

 My rental -horse. Isn´t he beautyful!

Cosa Nostra
 My oldest daughters rental -horse,
  and also the horse that I rented before 
last christmas.

My youngest daughters rental -horse.

 These horse photos are borrowed from and Copy Righted by:

I have some new followers and I want to wish you all wellcome! 
I love getting  new blogfriends  and to see your amazing art. 
All the different styles is such an inspiration to me!

  Bellow I show you what I am working with at the moment: my very 
first painting witch I am measuring all the perspectives very carefully 
after a reference photo I have found at "paint my photo". (You can find the link to this page down to the right in my link -collection.)

Didn´t feel like  I was creating any art at that moment! But I thought 
I had to give it a try at least. I know for sure that the brain does 
everything it can to try to fool you, I have been close to pulling my hair off 
several times  when thinking I have done wrong with the measuring. 
Then I realice that it´s just something I belive I see, and not the actual reality. I am taking this one VERY slow just to get it right.
 If you click the photo you can actually see the drawn lines!  ;)

 I am posting different steps of this painting in my WIP -page above. 
Until today there are two photos. This one is the last.
To be continued!

Love Peace and Happiness 


  1. Dear Catharena - it sounds to me that you have been very busy if you are trying to ride three horses. Hope to see your finished piece. Take care and have a great week.

    1. Thank you Debbie :) I am putting some paint on it now, but I do it slowly, I wish you a great week too!

  2. Piękne konie Catharina!!! Kocham konie są cudowne!!!:)) Buziaki dla Ciebie:))***

    1. THank you Jola for your visit here!

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  4. Have never heard of a locked pelvis before but it sounds very painful and has come at a very inconvenient time for you as you are trying to look after three horses. Take care and get well soon

    1. I never heard of it before either! It is very painful. Lucky that the horses are at the riding school, so that they will not be without help. We do not have to feed them. THank youu Lorraine!

  5. Hola Catharina: Espero te repongas rápido de tus dolencias, reposo y descanso... y más tarde la atención de los caballos. Un gran saludo!!

    1. Thank you Mercedes, I am more careful now,

  6. I've never heard of locked pelvis either, but I'm so sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Get well soon, Catharina. xx Judy

    1. Thank you Judy. I am a little better, but not enough. I will go to the doktor again on wednesday, so he can help me some more.

  7. Obviously this is a very tough time for you at the moment. I know what it's like to be in a lot of pain as I suffer from kidney stones and kidney infections. Severe pain can make us very miserable and you have my sympathy. All that extra work you have to do is just not fair when you could do with some help. I really hope things change for the better soon.

    1. Sorry about your kidney problems. Does not sound fun at all. Well, the horses are at the riding school, so they don´t miss out any attention. But it costs alot of money to rent, so we only did it for 4 weeks. So I don´t want to miss any of the opportunity to ride and care for the horses.I feel a little bit better but not completely yet.
      Thank you Kev!

  8. Oh yes, I agree! Boddy is such a beautiful horse as well as the two horses of your daughters. Hopefully they will change their mind and ride them more often so that you will get well soon! Your new painting project looks exciting. I am curious how it will be continued! All the best! Stefanie
    P.S. I like the new look of your blog very much! It's beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment Stefanie!

  9. So sorry to hear that you are in such pain. It is hard to concentrate on anything else when you are uncomfortable. Hope you improve very, very soon. xx

    1. Feeling a bit better but not completely ,thank you Polly. :)

  10. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear about your affliction... OUCH! Hope you are feeling better...

    1. I´m felleing a little bit better thank you minnemie, but I still have some backpain even if the pelvis isn´t locked anymore. Getting old you know, I guess that is a part of it.

  11. Hi Catharina, I hope the pain is better now. Was riding so much on the horses the cause of your problem? I hope your daughters help you as much as they can. These horses look beautiful. Such a pity you cannot enjoy them now, take care !!

    1. No, I don´t think it was the riding that caused the locked pelvis. Riding strengthen the muscels of the pelvis area a lot, and I have been much better in my back since I started riding again. But I was going underneath Boddys neck once when he at the same time thought that it was time to eat some hay, so I got pressed down by his strong neck. I have thought about that it maybe had something to do about that, but I´m not sure. Or maybe I just have been bloging to much :) My mother told me that she also had the same problem about a year ago, and that the sitting by the computer was the cause of that. It is not good to sit too much, our bodies are made for standing up and walking.

  12. Hello dear Catharina:) I hope you are feeling better at this moment. What a bad luck. Have you rent a few horses and then you get sick! I wish I lived closer to you then I would be happy to help you. I find horses also gorgeous. But your health is more important at this moment! Take a good rest and become better again soon. Lots of love:) xxx

    1. I was lucky actually in one way renate, because I am riding monday,saturday and sunday. And my pelvis was locked and real, real painful monday,thuseday,wednesday,thursday and friday. Friday it was starting to losen up and I was able to get up on my own from the bed without that much of pain. Now it is mostly my back that aches. On that monday I was riding , could almost not lift the leg to get of the horse but otherwise it didn´t hurt when I was sitting on the horse. And on saturday and sunday I was riding anyway, as my pelvis was better even if my back hurt. Yes, yes I know! But I LOVE riding and spending time with the horses. I can´t help it. Saturday me and Boddy went out in the woods for a nice WALK only with lots and lots of gras-eating pauses :) We had such a lovely time! You should have seen him Renate: Afterwards when I was riding him to the other horses (luckely I didn´t walk beside him!) he was dancing around half the way with me on the back trying to calm him down a bit til we could get to the other horses. He was in such a hurry, but I wouldn´t let him! :D The other horses called for him too! When we had gotten in to the other side of the fence he tried to get away from me before I was ready with all the stuf, but I pulled him down hard and didn´t let him go. He stayed but he was shaking just because he was in such a hurry! WHEN I let him go, he jumped around and went away so fast,kicking and jumping, he was so happy I was smiling at him. :D I LOVE these gorgeous animals!

    2. I try to see the picture of you and Boddy Catharina:) haha They always do things you don't want them to do!! They are indeed great animals. I find riding in the woods also beautifully. I have -just like with painting- never had lessons. I have had 1 lesson in Spain. I stopped doing because I could not understand that man:):) I also have followed a psychological therapy with a horse: Norton was his name. It's been years since but I think Norton sometimes remembers me. He had to hear lots of stories from me. But it helped though. Hugging, riding and talking against Norton. So wonderful!
      Do you take care? Not only for the beautiful horses but also a bit for yourself! Hugsxxx:)

  13. I hope so much that your pain is gone by now.
    It is so interesting to read about your horses and it is great that you are so keen on them. Please get back to painting, your works are amazing, the one above (blog header) made me speechless.

    1. Oh Irina! The header is not a painting! :D It is a photo.
      But thank you anyway. ;)
      I don´t know actually how it could get so dark on the side, but I did something in piccasa with the photo. A bit sharper, and I don´t know what else.

  14. I wish I could come and ride one of your beautiful rental horses! I've only been on a horse once in my life, when I was a kid, but in recent years I've had the desire to try again.
    I know what you mean about the drawing process, especially with complicated subjects. But someone said to me once, Draw carefully, then paint freely!
    I'm so sorry about your pelvis problem--that does sound very painful. I hope you will be feeling better soon.


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