Monday, March 25, 2013

These photos are not the same quality as the original
painting, as they  are taken under a lamp. The finished painting
 shows the right colours.

This is the (unfinished) first quick tryout:

His eyes isn´t finished, and the nose is going to be 
alot darker too! I also think of doing something
 about his back because it´s too blue.

I didn´t have the patience to make this completely ready before starting with the Arches. We´ll see how it goes! But I think it´s easier with the second drawing. It feels as if you get the sizes more acurate. I was surprised that I thought the eyes being pretty easy to draw. They are not at all like drawing a human eye. I have never drawn a dog before in my whole life, atleast what I can remember. We´ll see if it will look like a dog or if it will end up looking like something else peculiar. It may end in disaster! But if it does; it has been fun along the way! On this tryout I mixed the two colours for the background area BEFORE putting it on the DRY paper. Differently than I did on the Arches paper. I thought it would be prettier with an optic mix of the colours. 
So you see; even if the tryout isn´t finished competely, I have still learnt something from doing it. But I wount throw it away. No no. I will finish that one too, soon enough!

This WIP is  to be continued! 
 * * * * *
This is the (unfinished) second tryout on more expensive paper: 
Arches 185 gr. fine cold pressed.

  After a first tryout on another cheaper paper; I drew out the first quick outlines on a peace of Arches fine, cold pressed paper, 185 gr. I was amazed that it was so easy both to draw and to rub off from this paper. It is soft so I figured that it would be difficult, but no, it wasn´t!

Then I wet the entire background and put on some permanent rose and let it dry.

Again I wet the entire background and put on some Frensch Ultramarine on top, a bit more on the left side to make that side a bit darker.
The light is reflected in the wet paper. So the photo is not very good.

This WIP is to be continued. Wellcome back for more!


  1. Interesting to see the picture developing, Catharina.

  2. love the drawing through to other stages... I have only attempted a dog once and they are tough, especially the eyes but i think you have handled this one awesomely...xx

  3. Thanks Trace. He looks like a dog, so I´m pleased too :)

  4. Thanks Trace. He looks like a dog, so I´m pleased too :)


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