Thursday, March 28, 2013

 The painting is finished! For being the first 
dog painting I am very pleased. It´s so 
fun to try to paint new stuf!
 Husky: 30 x 22 cm 
Daler Rowney 300gr. Grain fine Cold Pressed NOT

The process of the painting: 

(Look in the last post for the earlier process!)
I have used sandpaper on the ears and the brownish 
spots in the face. And a bit on the left side. To soften up 
and  in the same time get a bit of the fur to show.

I have also painted a thin layer of Paines Gray on top of 
the dogs back to soften the earlier brighter blue, 
and at the same time to make the back interact 
more with the dark background. 
I think that the back is pushed backwards a bit by 
this and it´s good I think. I like the messy background. 
I try not to be so fussy with details, as you know.

 On this painting I have used primary colours 
accept from on top of the head area.

Happy painting to all of you blogfriends! Wellcome back! :)


  1. Meraviglioso!

  2. Thank you bella lullo :)

  3. Muy luminosa y expresiva te ha quedado esta bella acuarela. Felicidades! Un cordial saludo.

    1. Thank you Jesus, I´m smiling here! Take care!

  4. Such a lovely image with the dog's eyes piercing one to the soul! Bravo, Catharina

    1. Glad to hear that! I´m happy with his eyes too. He looks almost as he is a bit ashamed. Maybe he´s done something bad. Thank you for your nice comment John :)

  5. Hello Catharina:) Somehow I missed your previous post:( But I enjoyed looking at the steps you made to come this far. I must say it is a beautiful dog!! Afcourse the eyes are beautiful but, as you said it yourself, the back of the dog is interacting with the background now you made it some darker. The background is wonderful, I love it!!! Congratulations with the result. My compliments:)

    1. Hola Catharina: Luego de un proceso minucioso te ha quedado una acuarela armoniosa y bella, donde se destaca muy bien el perrito. Un saludo!!!

    2. Renate:
      I´m glad you saw my post at last. ;) I also enjoy looking at WIP:s so I thought of showing one too, even if I´m not an expert as some artblogers(!) I do my best and have fun while exploring the paints and papers, that´s most important, isn´t it? And somehow I think it makes me reflect and learn more during writing these WIP:s. Anyway; I´m happy you like the dogpainting, as it is my first try :D

      Thank you so much for your nice comment, it really made me feel happy. :)

  6. Witaj Catharina:)
    Bardzo lubię psy..on jest cudowny! Pozdrawiam serdecznie..!:)** Jola ( JoKo)

    1. Yes, aren´t these Huskies adorable! You can melt just by them looking at you! These blue, blue eyes!

  7. I am doing the catch up during the quiet of the early morning and have to say I have missed my visits... love the payne's grey over the blue and it does make him pop forward... I was just playing with the same palette to do the same thing yesterday afternoon... how amazing is that... hope you are having a wonderful Easter and that spring is showing itself...xx

  8. Happy easter to you too Trace! And thank you so much for your kind comment :)


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