Saturday, March 16, 2013

Only one week left before it´s time to hang the painting 
for the exhibition at the library here in Sölvesborg, Sweden.
I wish all of you that has a posibility to view the exhibition 
wellcome there!  I will be happy to meet you!

I will post the time for my own presens at the exhibition 
in my page "Exhibitions" (you find it in the meny above). 

I will continue to update the time the day before. If you need me 
to show up at the exhibition at another time, please ask me 
in a comment
 or by email at

I will do my best to make it work for you!

I have this painting in my WIP -page (you find it  in the meny above).

In this painting I made some small red spots by using a toothbrush.
I think it soften -up the painting abit. I havent used this
technique alot earlier. But I´m trying to practise techniques 
that are new to me.This means that I at that moment
when I earlier normally used to consider my paintings done, I study
them some more to come up with techniques to 
improve the painting, and learn more. I bealieve that I have
been too affraid to destroy my paintings, and that I therefor
have stoped too early.
 New to my blog now, is that you can view my paintings in
the lightbox by clicking on them!

Titel: Stjärtmes (english:Tit.)  
Size: 28,5 x 19,5 cm, 
Support: Arches rough

If you want to see the other birdpaintings you have them in the "gallery"
(look in the page -meny above). 

A couple of days ago I ordered for some artisticmaterial
at the internet shop Artistica. I´m looking forward to
when I will recieve three different kinds of watercolour paper
and some "Winsor & Newton artist watercolour." I also ordered for a 
special brush that I haven´t used before. I can show you
pictures of this when it arrives. It will be soon I hope, cause
I do not like to wait too long for artist material.

Happy painting to all of you blogfriends! Wellcome back! :)


  1. Hi Catharina:) You must be very excited about the exhibition! I wish you so much luck:) Your tit has become beautiful and the spattering adds so much more to the painting. It really is a point of interest. Don't you forget to make some photo's from the exhibition!!! Have a nice weekend:)

    1. Hola Catharina. muy hermosa esta acuarela de la avecilla, felicitaciones!! tambien por la futura exposición: Gran éxito. Un saludo!!!!!

    2. I will try to remember to take som shoots at the exhibition Renate. :) I´m happy you also think the splatter makes the painting more interresting. I think so too. And such an easy way! Have a nice sunday Renate!

    3. Mercedes. Hi! :)Thank you for your nice comment. I´m allways happy to read them! Take care!

  2. Hi Catharina, I wish you all the best for your exhibition, it's a pity not to be there. Congratulations for your nice watercolor. Hugs!

    1. Oh it would be nice to have you here at the exhibition! Pity it´s so far away. I can show you pictures from there instead.Take care!


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