Sunday, March 03, 2013


I´m so exited because I have made a painting that I started with last night. And I do like it alot. Birches, my favourite. There is not enough light at the moment, so unfortunately I can not post it tonight even if I´m dying to! 

In the meantime; have a look at my page (at top) "Watercolour techniques". I have some new stuff there, posted today. A full list of Winston & Newtons Artist Watercolours. Divided into two groups of "transparent colours" and "non transparent colours". I thought it would be nice to have a shortcut to that information. 
Maybe you are interrested. There is a jungle of information on their 
homepage, so you can easily get lost

When reading at their homepage I realize that I have just started 
my long journey in the land of their pigments.

Hey! I almost forgot! Go visite "Tracey Fletcher Kings blog". She has painted
my beautyful new the´mug. I sent her some pictures to look at. 
She made it so nice. With all details, I don´t understand how she managed to.

Happy painting to all of you blogfriends! Wellcome back! :)


  1. It was a joy to paint your mug... made my day to have something new to paint... and great list... takes the work out of it for me... nicely done!!!

    1. Thank you Trace! Nice! :)

  2. Catharina, that is a beautiful mug....any chance you would share your photos? I too, would love to paint it!

  3. :) Offcourse I can. Send me an email at:

    and I will send you some photos.


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