Saturday, February 16, 2013

Umbrellas and flowers

First of all: I´m happy to say that I´ve  been asked to give away a painting
 to an auktion where the money goes to the Childrens cancer fund.
 Offcourse I said yes.

 I haven´t been able to give any money before, as I have 3 children of my own
 to take care of first of all. But my hope is that my painting will bring more
money than I could have given them myself. All I have to do now is to
spend some time painting (as I love doing) and a little amount of money
 for the frame and postage to the auktion  in Helsingborg here in Sweden.
I would love to be there myself  during the auktion, but that would be
 more expensive I believe.

A woman that helps out with this auktion
saw my paintings on my Facebook art page. One of the guys that are in
a swedish Tv -program about antiques is going to help with
the auktion she said. The Tv -program is called Antikrundan. They travell
all around Sweden with experts of antiques. People can go there to show
all their old stuff, to know more about the things they bring, and also
get to know about its possible value.

Do you have any idea of witch painting would be nice for sending to the auktion? Please have a look in the Gallery to see all the paintings!

Anyway; about these last two paintings in this post:
As you allready know; I LOVE the light in a painting. Often that is what catches my eyes when studying a painting. I have more and more tried to capture the light in my own paintings. But it´s not that easy!
In these two paintings I think I have succeded. Especially with the first one with the umbrella, the light was my main plan. In Sweden we have a saying (is that the right word for it englishmen/americans/australians out there?) that says: 
"Efter regn kommer solsken". Exact translated that means "after rain comes sunshine". I don´t know if you have a similar one in your country? Anyway; that would be the titel for this first one.

After rain comes sunshine: 18 x 24 cm. Arches rough.

The second one is just a quick try with a wash on wet paper as a start.
 I tried to keep the colours clean and fresh to capture more of
the light in this painting. Sometimes I tend to overwork the paintings
so that the colours get "dirty" and that means I loose my lights.

Orange flowerbed:  12 x 17 cm. Arches rough.

Happy painting to all of you blogfriends! Wellcome back! :)


  1. Dear Catharina - what a wonderful gift you are giving. Took time to look over all your art in the gallery. Everything is so beautiful. I especially love your florals. Hope you have a great day. I know your art will bring a great price for the auction.

  2. Thank you Debbie! I hope it will bring in a good amount of money.

  3. Du nutzt sehr schöne Farben für Deine Bilder. Viel Sonne eingefangen;-)

    1. Happy to hear that Janina. Glad to have caught the sun! Thank you for your comment. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hello Catharina:) We say: "na regen komt zonneschijn". Almost simular to what you say! The first painting is so beautiful and perfect for the auction. The umbrella suggests a safety. And that's what these children need. The saying is so applicable. I hope your painting make a lot of money. A lot of success. Good that you participate!!!

    1. We think alike I understand :) that was just what I had on my mind when painting "After rain..." I was thinking about the children. And I wanted to give a positive approach. The child holding a firm helping hand of the mother, the strong sun coming afer the rain. This was made directly for this auction. I´m glad you think it would fit well. :)Take care Renate and thank you for your comment.

  5. Hola CATHARINA: Las dos obras me parecen magníficas y los titulos tambien, tienen el sentido adecuado a tal causa. Felicitaciones por tu buena disposición en este evento. Un abrazo!!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Mercedes. I´m happy to hear :)

  6. Dos espontáneas acuarelas muy bellas y apropiadas para el destino que se les ha asignado. Mucho éxito y money, para la causa. :). Enhorabuena! Un cordial saludo.

  7. I like both so much and I hope these paintings will be the winners to bring joy and hope they are full with to good people who buy these paintings.
    Amazing how loud art speaks when it is done by heart.

  8. Hi Catharina, I like both of your paintings, your colours are soft as velvet, I wish you a lot of succes!

  9. Thank you so much Jesus,Irina and Hanneke for your lovely comments. They make me so happy! :)


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