Saturday, February 09, 2013


Now with work in progress ready, with palett and all!

I have been watching some of my blogfriends painting this from challenge number 35 at paint and draw together where you also can see the original oil painting by the artist Delaporte. I couldn´t resist trying to paint it myself. And a good thing; while doing this painting a finally found a colour that I like for my red apples! You learn so much all the time and I LOVE it! I first mixed the two colours I thought would be perfect for the apples, and then I tried it on a small piece of paper, but I didn´t like the result. Then instead I painted a fairly strong mix with one of the colours and let it dry properly before I painted a somewhat similar strong mix on top with the other colour. And now I´m very happy about the result! But; soon you can read the details in the WIP -pages (look in the meny above). I have taken several photos during the process of this painting, and I promise to show the photos in the WIP -page before this weekend has ended, if you are interrested in having a look.

  The original painting is painted by the
artist Henri -Horace -Roland Delaporte.
Titel: Egg Basket 

And also; here is the final version (without the 
tape) of last posts painting: 

Happy painting to all of you blogfriends! Wellcome back! :)


  1. Dos buenos trabajos, me gusta la suavidad de los tonos. Felicidades! Buen fin de semana.

    1. I´m happy about that Jesús :) Thank you!

  2. Fun twist/version of the old painting. I prefer yours...

  3. I'm a watercolor painter and am new to your site...I love the flowers that you recently painted...I think the spatter adds a nice touch to an already beautiful work....I hope to explore some of your other pages offer a wealth of learning for me !

  4. I´m happy about having you as my follower Rochelle. I hope you will like my posts! Wellcome back soon :)

  5. Hi Catharina, just to say hello! I miss all you blogger friends, and most of all, I miss painting. I am in two houses now: almost ready in my old house, and almost moving to my new house. I hope to have internet in my new house next week, so I can read blogs again! See you soon!

  6. Nice to hear from you Judy. :) Thank you! See you soon I hope!


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