Monday, January 21, 2013

I´ve said that I like to paint in a looser style of watercolour. Reading your comments has made me start thinking about this alot. And that is good!

Maybe I haven´t  chosen the best motive for loosiness? Ok; I have white birds and a surrounding blue colour. I cant blend these colours as the white is the paper. I don´t want the sunny side of the bird getting blue, I want the light reflecting the sunny side. The blue colour must therefore stay on the shadow side. What to do then? Could I blend in another colour anywhere on the birds? A warm colour. To soften up this rigid appearance. 
I know that for instanse Permanent -Rose is beautyful mixed with Cerulean -Blue.
On the small "Friends"-painting I have used Cerulean -Blue on the sky. Maybe I could try?

Have you noticed that my brain is working on high speed?!  ;)

This is not as much questions to you as it is my own thoughts and reflections.
I believe that learning to paint is as much of a thinking process as it is a
painting process. You must see the painting in your mind. Mix the colours
inside your head, plan the brushstrokes ahead.

The painting I´m talking about is the one bellow if you haven´t seen it earlier:
I think I must atleast try this! If it ends with a disaster 
it´s no big deal because this painting isn´t very large. And I 
still have the other one left with the same motive.

Thanks for showing interrest for my thoughts!

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  1. Dear Catharina - just happened onto your lovely art - I too am a watercolor artist and am mostly self-taught. Your birds are beautiful and I do love the mix of rose that gives depth to the sky - thanks so much for sharing not only your art but the thoughts behind your work. Looking forward to following you. God Bless!


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