Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Here they are.

Ok. Here´s two new paintings. The upper one is completely new style for me; both the amount of colours and the style. Fun to do something different for a change. And the bottom one is my favourite tree to paint. Birch. Click the photos to see them in larger size.

Moonlight house

What I thought about when I made this moonlight painting was if I should paint
 the windows yellow or just leave them white.In the end I decided for the yellow.
 I think that the  yellow colour gives the painting a warmer look.
 What do you think about the two optiones?

A sunny day

I had lost a lot of the whites in this last one, so I "cheated" a bit with filling
in some whites with a white pen in the end. Sometimes I think that the paper isn´t white enough either where i want the light to hit! I have used the pen on those spots too! 
I´m so happy for having my pen!  :D

Has anyone used a whiter paper? If that´s the case; did you like it?


  1. These are both nice but my favourite is Moonlight House. You made exactly the right choice with the window colour. The yellow gives the house a warm and cosy look.

  2. Hello Catharina:) Happy New Year!! No I haven't used a whiter paper, but I know it's available!
    About the first painting: I think you made a great choise by making the windows yellow. They are a focus point now and makes the painting look warmer. I love this style but my favorite is the second. Wow, the fence, the birds and all the colors, it's so alive!! Beautiful:)

  3. Thank you both John and Renate for you comments. How different taste everyone has. You see. That´s fun I think.

  4. I just found this post randomly (although it was posted two years ago) and I thought wow, I never saw this illustration on her blog before ... this is just to say that I love it and especially I love the yellow windows :)

    A happy new year to you! And lots of good luck in 2015!!!!


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