Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I got a beautyful painting from Tracey!

 This beautyful Christmas greeting card came to me a few days before
christmas. Such a great christmas present from the other side of the world,
 summer hot Australia.

The Christmas card is made and sent by my fellow artist blogger friend
Tracey Fletcher King.
Don´t forget to have a visit at  Traceys blog when you leave mine!

 Thank you Tracey! Such a nice gift!


  1. Very sweet friend. I hope I could have too someday, LOL. Sure I will visit Traceys blog:)

  2. What a lovely card. Lucky you!! ;)

  3. It's a gorgeous card and such a treat for those of us looking at snow and below zero weather. :)

    1. Yes it´s really a treat isn´t it!

  4. So glad it arrived in time and that you like it... I hope your Christmas was wonderful and after the relentless heat here a White Christmas actually sounds pretty inviting... looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in the New Year...xx

  5. Thanks again Tracey! The card is just lovely and I am very happy you sent it to me! :)


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