Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feels better. Now anyway.

Ok. Here comes my update: Last night I saved all my photos and important stuf on an exteral harddrive (is it called that? It poped up in my head so I guess it´s called that.). Today I have emptied the C part of my computer, and started up the computer from the beginning again. This way the computer is in the same condition as it was the first day I started using it. It says so anyway. I am so happy that I for ONCE was smart enough to save the computerstatus when this computer was newly bought. That was only one year ago and therefore I wasn´t keen on buying a new one allready.

The last week I have missed alot of your blogposts dear blogfollowers due to my hard and BORING work with my computer issues, but I hope to catch up with you all soon.   :)


  1. Hello Catharina:) Does this mean you have everything OK now? I hope so. Computers are fun as long as they do what you want them to do:)
    Glad you're back!!

  2. I hope this does the trick! Sounds like what my son has done to reprogram the computer. Best of luck! :)

  3. Hello renate and Rita!
    Yes I´m back :) But I guess there is alot of updates to go through still, as I started the computer from scratch. But it installs new updates every time I close the computer now, so I close down more often just to get it comletely ready as soon as possible.


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