Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Soon a new and bigger studio.

My son has moved to his own place. So I will get his room. I will use this new
space as bedroom/studio. Compared with what I have as workspace now it is big.
I will show you pictures of it as soon as the room is ready. There are still some 
smaller stuff to be moved from there before I can start moving in.


  1. Oh you lucky girl, to have your on studio space! I am looking forward to the photos!

  2. Hello chatarina:) That must be wonderful! Congratulations:) How exiting:) Funny enough I have my own studio but always paint in the kitchen! I'm looking forward to the photo's too! Have fun giving everything a new place.

  3. Thank you Judy and Renate. I will show you photos as soon as everything is on the right place. It´s a bit messy still :)


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