Sunday, August 12, 2012

More oldies...Fler gamlingar.

Another one that I found in a drawer. I remember that I used to have this framed on the wall when I was around 18 -20 years old and living in my first own home.
En annan som jag har hittat i en låda. Jag kommer ihåg att jag brukar ha den inramad och på väggen när jag var runt 18 -20 år gammal och bodde i mitt första egna hem.

Here´s a little inspiration for all of you artist friends out there!
Här är lite inspiration för alla ni konstnärsvänner där ute!


  1. Hello Catharina:) Love your drawing! Very strong lines. Maybe give it a color and post again? :)
    Thanks for sharing the link to the Photowall. It's saved to my favorites!

  2. You are wellcome renate. :) We´ll see about the colour. Haven´t thought about it.

  3. That's a very nice drawing Catharina. I like the simple clean lines very much. I envy anyone who can draw people like this. ;-)

    1. Thank you John. So sweat of you. :) It´s a very old one. I don´t know if you have seen the drawing I made last year for the spring exhibition here in Sölvesborg. Also a girl but painted in an other perspective. It´s a mulattowoman. I will post it on the blog again for you to see.


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