Sunday, August 19, 2012

First painting from Alltidhult. . .Första målningen från Alltidhult.

This painting I started up drawing (very quickly) when I was at Alltidhult  with 
my girls some weeks ago. It´s not an exact copy of the place. The most important thing 
for me was to capture the light that came from behind the trees and made alot of 
shadows and sunspots on the ground. And the light on the watersurface. Did I do it?
The light that caught my eyes was present for only about 30 minutes to an hour. 
I have put this painting in my page Work in progress. No words, only pictures.



  1. Un paysage plein de sérénité, et les effets de lumière sont superbes!

  2. Hello Catharina:) Yes, I think you catched the light as you wanted it. Very nice painting of a very nice landscape! Love the way you did the trees.

  3. Nice to hear renate. Thank you very much :) Take care!

  4. Hi Catharina, really beautiful this watercolor! I especially like, the colors and the shape of the greens on the trees. It remember me some Chinese or Japanese paintings. Great! Ciao.

    1. Thank you Tito for your kind comment. :)
      I am struggling with painting trees. I haven´t done that alot. Need to keep on practising and find my own style.

  5. Anonymous8/28/2012

    Great site!!Im from the Art Blog Hop...would appreciate a follow back! :)



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