Friday, August 03, 2012

Breakfast on the balkony...Frukost på balkongen.

My breakfast this morning. Salami and cheesesandwiches and two 
cups of  coffee. And a couple of paintingbooks to read.
. . . . .
Min frukost i morse. Salami och ostmackor och två koppar kaffe. 
Och naturligtvis ett par målarböcker att läsa under tiden.

Bellow a painting that stays hidden in a drawer.
 I like the waterdrops alot, and the smoothness of the greens, but the 
water is far too dark and I don´t like the yellow on the petals. I have been 
thinking: is it possible to rescue this one or not? 
Maybe I could put some highlights in the water and white 
on the pedals instead? 
Well, it´s allways worth trying.
. . . . . .
Här nedan en målning som ligger gömd i en av mina lådor.
Jag tycker om vattendropparna och mjukheten i det gröna, men
vattnet är alldeles för mörkt och jag tycker inte om det gula i blombladen.
Jag har tänkt; är det möjligt att rädda den här?
Kanske jag skulle kunna lägga in lite highlights i vattnet och vitt
på blombladen istället för det gula?
Ja det kan väl i alla fall vara värt att försöka.


  1. What a nice place to enjoy breakfast! What you could try with the painting maybe, is to wash away some of the darks under the running tap, softly brushing away the paint you want lighten. Be careful not to wash away parts that you like. I have done this several times and sometimes it helps.

  2. Hello Catharina:) I'm getting hungry:) I did a waterlily myself once so I know how difficult it is! Mine was also to dark. Although I like yours very much. Don't leave it in the drawer. Before you do you could try what Judy advised. Who knows... Have a nice weekend!

  3. Catharina, I like the painting just as it is. I've used brush and clean water to lift off much darker washes. On one occasion it was dark water so I used the lifting process to lift out rippled highlights. Of course, a lot depends on the fastness of the pigment you've used but you could try on a small piece near the edge. ;-)

  4. Judy,Renate and John: Thank you for your advices, good to learn from eachother. I have been working some last night with trying to fix the painting. But with a bit ruffer methods ;D I have been scrubbing the dark water left of the flower with sandpaper. Plus I have put white colour on the yellows. I think it will work. I will show it to you any day now. So you can see how it went.
    I have also been working with another painting that I made a sketch for when I went camping with the kids some days back. Talking about that beautyful spot of nature; I want to show you some photos I took there. I do that right now! If you would like, you can use them as reference. Take care!

  5. Hi Catharina. What a beautiful blog you have here with lots of fabulous work that deserves to be seen. Thanks for highlighting it to me. I can see me spending lots of time here. I too liked your painting as it was but sometimes we are our hardest critics. It is us we need to please in the end especially as these paintings represent us in the world so we need to be happy with them. I look forward to seeing this finished. Take care. Laura x

    1. Thank you Laura for your kind comment. :) You are most wellcome to visite again!


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