Sunday, August 05, 2012

Alltidhult in Sweden


  1. Hi Catharina. What beautiful clear waters - and is that sunshine I see? I hope you get to try doing a watercolour of some of these and I hope you are settled in your new art room too :)

    1. Yes it´s sunlight. I really tried to catch the light so that it would make an interesting painting some day if I felt like it. It´s great having your own room again.It was some years ago now. I moved out from my old room when I fellt that my daughters needed to have their own separate rooms. So now when my son moved to his own place I had an empty room that I could move in to. It´s not completely ready because we have had so much to do lately with the moving and other things, but soon, soon!

  2. These are great photo's Catharina. I agree with Michael ... I hope you're going to paint some of these. ;-)

  3. Thank you John. I guess I will one day. I am painting anotherone right now from the very same place, one that a made only a very quick drawing of when I was there with the girls. Now I´m continuing it with watercolour at home. It´s soon to be ready for showing. I took some nice photos there and I am sure I will make some painting from them soon. You can use them too as referens if you like (anyone that wants to).


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