Sunday, July 01, 2012

What I am working with right now. / Vad jag arbetar med just nu.

I am making another version of my two birchtrees. I feel this is a good 
way of artistic training. I want this one to be completely different from
the first version. Not so many details this time, and more contrast. I am 
trying to make the colours vibrate more and to capture the light. It´s
very difficult, but I´ll never give up! No!

* * * * *

Jag håller på med en annan version av mina två björkar. Känns som
att det är en bra träning i att måla akvarell för mig. Jag vill att denna
ska vara helt annorlunda från den andra Björkakvarellen.Jag vill att färgerna
ska vibrera mycket mer och fånga ljuset mer än på den förra.
Jag ger mig ALDRIG! Det är bara att träna!

There will be more contrst on the trees.
And if needed; some paynes grey if it´s
not dark enough. Well, alot more contrast. This has been 
very difficult for me, I have put too thin layers of pigment,
and it has taken alot of time allways, and the painting looses in
sparkel due to this. My best watercolour paintings are
the ones with alot of contrast. Like this one below:
This one is almost black in the shadows close to the white flowers. 
Maximum contrast! 

* * * * *

Det kommer att vara mer kontrast på träden, fler lager med Violett. 
Och om det behövs; lite lite Paynes Grey om det inte blir
tillräckligt mörkt. Helt enkelt mycket mer kontrast. Det har varit
väldigt svårt för mig, jag har lagt på alldeles för tunna lager med
pigment, och det har alltid tagit alldeles för lång tid, och pigmenten
har förlorat sin lyster p.g.a. detta. Mina bästa akvareller är de 
som har mycket kontrast. Som denna här nedanför:
Denna målning är nästan svart i skuggorna nära de vita blommorna.
Maximalt med kontrast!


  1. Yes, that is true, contrast makes a lot of difference. Working dark is my problem too. I like your birches so far, and the waterlily is fabulous!

    1. Thank you Judy.
      The waterlily is one of my favourites actually. Every ones in a while you actually feel that you have succeded. Thank good for those moments!

  2. Yes indeed, I want to be able to get better contrast in my paintings too! If you go in with bold colour and then weaken it if it's too strong, the results are far superior than what you get if you by apply multiple weak washes in layers. Much more 'sparkle' as you call it! Have a look at Hazel Soan's work and methods. She's a master of maximising contrast. She aims to get the value/tone right in the palette - getting the right colour is not so important to her.

    I like how the birch trees are progressing ... and the waterlily is gorgeous and seems to pop out of the paper!

    1. Thank you Michael :) Nice to feel satisfied sometimes, I like the waterlilys myself. It was a very late nights work to finish that one.
      It´s very exciting to try to paint with other kinds of colours. As you can see I paint with orange, tint of red, and violett on the birches. But: I still have time to ruin it!
      I love Hazel Soans watercolourpaintings! I will go back soon for another look!
      Take care!

  3. Hola Catharina. Los contrastes dan vida a un acuarela, estoy de acuerdo contigo. Practicar sobre un mismo tema me entusiasma. Seguiré tu trayectoria. ¡Un abrazo!

  4. Thank you Sonia and wellcome to my blog!
    Happy practising!


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