Thursday, July 12, 2012


I wanted to share you all my thoughts that I wrote to Irina as an answer to a comment she gave me, maybe you recognize yourselves:

"First when I started this blog, I thought I should only put in the paintings I like the most. But then I thought again, that you learn so much from your mistaces, so why not showing them too. And maybe letting others learn from them also. And showing others my progress in my learningprocess, my ups and downs."

A few years ago I was around looking at exhibitions some miles from where I live. Here in south of Sweden it´s standard to have lots and lots of those at eastern. 

Down in the basement of one artists home, I can´t remember his name at the moment, but he had lovely watercolourpaintings everywhere on the white walls, and if I would have had any money I would have brought one of them home with me, but I didn´t have any offcourse.

Anyway; in one cornen down in this basement, he had a big stack of watercolourpaintings, from the floor and all the way up to the ceiling. Old watercolourpaintings that he had kept. Maybe this is the way to do it, to save everything. Who knows; someday in the future maybe you get an idea and know a great way of using the oldies. They woun´t do any good if they have been thrown away! 

I know one artist that makes great "re-used art". I love them! Here is a link to where all the re-used art is on her blog (a Swedish artist). She calls here re-usedpaintings "Återvinningstavlor".

Have a look, and I would love to hear what you think!

Well; as we are allready talking about oldies, I can show you these two ones that I found in one of my artdrawers. One drawing of my son as a little boy, when he was sleeping on the sofa. A very quick one as I was affraid that he would move.

Let´s have a Happy painting!

* * * * *

Jag ville dela med mig av några tankar jag delgav Irina när jag svarade på en kommentar hon nyligen gav mig;
När jag började med den här bloggen tänkte jag först att jag bara skulle lägga in de målningar som jag tyckte jag var mest nöjd med. Men seden ändrade jag mig, för jag vet hur mycket man också kan lära sig utav sina misstag. Varför inte låta andra se även mina misstag och kunna lära sig utav dom också? Visa andra min utveckling i mitt måleri. Mina upp och ner i skapandet.

För några år sedan var jag ute och for på en massa utställningar -de där som i alla fall finns här nere i södra Sverige kring påskhelgen. Jag kom till en akvarellkonstnär som hade fantastiska målningar, som jag gärna hade velat köpa en utav om jag bara hade haft pengar att köpa en för. Det hade jag naturligtvis inte, men ändå;

I en hörna av källaren där han ställde ut sina målningar, fanns en hel hög med akvarellpapper (gamla målningar) från golv till tak. Varför slänga allt man är missnöjd med? Då gör de ju ingen nytta? Man vet ju aldrig när man kan ha användning för allt det gamla på något sätt i en annan tavla. En konstnär som gör fantastiska återvinningstavlor kan ni kika på här via en länk som jag har lagt in här ovan mina två målningar.

Gå in och titta på tavlorna och jag blir jätteglad om ni skulle vilja tala om vad ni tycker! Jag själv tycker dom är jättefina!


  1. What a lovely drawing of your son! And I like the dandelions too! I don't always show my mistakes on my blog, but sometimes when I have painted two versions I'll show both. And other times I have to look at a painting for days or weeks before I know if I like it or not.

  2. Thank you Judy for your comment. :)
    Sometimes I put a painting in one of my drawers for some time too, and after some days or weeks it looks different to me. I think you need to rest your eyes from it. Especially when you put alot of time in painting it.

  3. Hi Catharina. Your 'oldies' are very nice indeed and the one of your son will always be precious and a stronger memory than if it was just a photograph! I've kept a lot of my work over the years, especially the precious ones I did of my children and old pets and those of places I used to live or far away places that I have been. Yes, we do learn from our mistakes, and so do others, and I have posted work that I know is not so good. But most of my 'uglies' (as Judy calls them!) go straight in the bin - although I do often try to revive them ... I have even washed them under the tap and started again a few times!

  4. Thank you for your nice comment Michael. Maybe I should try to wash mines of too. The paper is so expesive so it´s worth trying.

  5. Hi Catharina.
    Paper certainly is expensive! I would only wash mine out if it was really bad and only if I have used good quality paper. Cheap paper won't stand up to being washed out. I put the paper directly under the tap and lightly swill the water over it with my hands to remove the paint. You can also place the paper in a bowl/sink as you would if you were stretching the paper. If you use staining colours (like the phthalos and other synthetic pigments) then you won't get it totally clean. Sometimes it leaves a nice ghost image that you can use as a first light wash to paint over again. I've even put my cartridge paper sketchbooks under the tap and repainted sketches this way! But don't wash out any lovely ones like these!

  6. I like both of these paintings Catharina. Very nice.

    I've kept every one of my paintings and drawings and never thrown one away. I've also posted every one (including my disasters) on my web site to show everyone that mistakes are part of the journey. I've always felt that very many beginners give up at the first hurdle just because they think they can't do it when they get something wrong.

  7. They are like my little babies, these naive and unprofessional paintings of few years ago. But they are steps, diary, memories. I can not put them away and keep in the cupboard, almost forgotten. Blog helps to revive them.
    And then suddenly a friend of mine comes and says: "at last we have fixed to the wall the painting you gave us 3 years ago, and it looks great!" Which painting? I do not remember it at all.. And fame arrives)) together with pleasure and joy.
    Please keep going. Sleeping boy is so sweet. And he will never be this old again)).

  8. Hi Catharina, what a nice drawing of your little boy and also your yellow flowers are really beautiful. I started painting in 2003 since that I've kept every one of my works and never thrown one away (I have given many away to friends). At beginning of my experience with watercolors I used to repeat several times the same subject, just to improve my technique, today is much less frequent that I remake a painting. On my blog I only publish the watercolors that I judge worthy of being. Now I want to be severe with myself and avoid to publish something I'm not convinced. Hugs! Tito.

  9. Thank you very much all of you for your nice comments. I enjoyed them all! I have been at a vacation in the north of Sweden at my mothers place, therefore I didn´t spend much time by the computer.
    Happy painting to you all!!! :)


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