Monday, July 09, 2012


Look at this great artist! I promise you wount regret it.


  1. Catharina, what a lovely thing to do. I'm touched that you consider my art worthy of such a generous comment. If I could paint as well as you I'd be very happy indeed. Thank you very much.

  2. Oh :) That was exactly how I feel. You are wellcome.And thank you very much too. I sometimes believe that others see your paintings different from how you see your own paintings.You know what struggles you have had during painting plus you are allways looking at your own painting with very critical eyes.Others see the WHOLE painting and take it in differently, and when you look at your own you see the details that you maybe wanted abit differently. Don´t you think?

    1. You are exactly right. I always think of it like our 'voice'. Most of us hate the sound of our own voice if we hear it played back on tape, but everyone else is used to it and it doesn't sound strange to them. I think it's the same with our art ... we know what we were 'trying' to achieve but everyone else just sees what we managed to achieve. Big difference. ;-)


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