Monday, July 02, 2012

artist Hazel Soan

Artist Hazel Soan my friends. Look at her watercolourpaintings! 

* * * * *

Denna konstnär gör fantastiskt fina akvareller!


  1. Hazel is a fabulous artist isn't she, Catharina? Oh to be able to paint like her ... sigh! I thought you'd like her work! Her books are very helpful and inspirational too ... but I'm sure you've already got some on order by now ;)

    1. I will look for her books. I thought about that yesterday actually ;) When I saw she had books for sale too. I have other books about painting at home, but I have read them all a 1000 times by now. Nice to have some new ones for a change, and get other artists knowledge and ideas.


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