Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Painting trees. / Målar träd.

Two different kinds of paper. The top one dries much faster.
These trees are only fast experiments to try out different paper.
* * * * *
Två olika sorters papper. Det översta pappret torkar mycket snabbare.
Dessa träd är bara snabba experiment för att pröva olika sorters papper.

The bottom paper is good for "wet in wet" technique, as it stays
wet very long time. And it sucks the water right up. But it´s an
expensive paper. Arches. The different pigments flows in to
eachother very easily.

* * * * *

Det nedersta pappret är bra för "Vått i vått" teknik, eftersom det
fortsätter vara fuktigt väldigt länge. Och det suger åt sig vattnet direkt
Men det är ett dyrt akvarellpapper. Arches. 
De olika pigmenten flyter samman väldigt lätt.


  1. Which papers did you use, Catharina?

    1. For the top painting I have used "Fabriano" 100% cotton, fine, cold pressed, 300gr.
      And for the bottom painting I have used "Arches" French, 100% cotton, fine, 185gr. a paper that feels very smooth and holdes the water for a very long time. I have tried this paper ones earlier with Poppies. (Not the latest painting with poppies...but the earlier one).

    2. Hi Catharina. It's great fun to try out different papers and there are so many to choose from out there. Cotton/rag papers like W&N Artists, Arches and Waterford are lovely to use, but can get a bit expensive. Some of the 'woodfree' papers such as Hahnemuhle, Cotman, Bockingford and Daler Langton are just as good, especially in heavier weights like 200lb/425gsm. I prefer mould made papers as some of the machine made papers have a pattern that looks a bit too regular.
      I believe Arches has a lot of sizing which makes it slower drying and I have read complaints about the strong smell of the wet paper! All the Fabriano papers I've managed to get hold of here in the UK are a sheer joy to use.

      Ray Campbell Smith, a favourite watercolourist of mine, says something like 'Good quality paper flatters our work ... and sometimes we need all the flattery we can get'!

      Sorry this is a lengthy comment but paper is a massive subject. It is a personal choice at the end of the day ... but I'm still looking for that magical paper that flatters my work!

    3. I could need that kind of paper myself, as I am in a downslope at the moment (again!)
      Last time I tried out the Arches paper I just loved it (the very first simple painting with Poppies. But now, painting the tree;I didn´t really get the same feeling. So I guess it depends on what motive you have choosed for the day and the mood you are in at the moment. It is so true what Ray Cambell Smith said, because the paper means A LOT.
      No need for saying sorry! I find pleasure in reading all the coments. Thank you!


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